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Il Panificio Grazioli

My family has been managing the bakery since 1973. My grandfather started the business and my father carried it forward and made it unique
Yes, I believe that excellence in bread is certainly achieved with excellent professionality, but also with the excellence of the ingredients you use.
ThePanificio Grazioli collaborates with Slow Food and uses exclusively stoneground wholemeal flours  from organic agriculture, mother yeast, sea salt of
Piran, barley germination malt. Quality ingredients, coming from the
territory, fragrant with tradition. Today I am at the head of the bakery,
third generation, and I continue the journey: the Grazioli Bakery carries on not
only its commitment to the preservation of traditions, but also of sustainability
environmental. Many of our flours are "zero kilometer", ours
production respects bread preparation times. We are committed to reduce
waste to a minimum, as was done once: the bread left becomes pan
grated, the dough becomes biga the next day. On our roof
find solar panels, which meet part of our needs
energy. We try to combine tradition and innovation, with a constant
research and a lot of passion. Bread is an art, and we have not forgotten it